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Training Methodology/Principles of Teaching/Instructor Training Course (Instructional skills):

This course is offered to trainees who have successfully undergone CTS/ CITS training in any skill.  

Objective of the course - The course has been designed to impart knowledge & skills necessary to become Trainer/Instructor in ITIs/Vocational education department of school/colleges.  

Trainee Entry level - This course is offered to trainees who have successfully undergone skill training in any trade under CTS/ CITS awarded by NCVT Or Diploma awarded by recognized Board of Technical Education in any Engineering/non-Engineering branch.  


Course Duration - Three/ Four months full time course depending on engineering/ non-engineering trade  

Course Contents :- The course covers topics on Training Methodology which includes Principles of teaching and Audio Visual Aids; and  Training Practices - Project (making lesson plans etc.) and practice teaching.  

Trainee Exit Level :- On completion of the course, the trainees are expected to be able to  

  • get an overall picture of organization, establishment, procedural codes and requirements;

  • define course objectives and anticipated standards of performance;

  • develop competency level to become an effective instructor;

  • gain knowledge of education psychology, so as to motivate & develop trainees in vocational skills to meet emerging industrial scenario;

  • develop an understanding of learning, perception & communication processes in action;

  • select, use, design & develop audio-visual and other teaching aids and written instructional material;

  • evaluate training on continuous basis, by using various evaluation tools;

  • plan & organize training programmes

  • prepare lesson plan/demonstration plans under the project work with written instructional material along with development of A-V aids.

The section is equipped with latest facilities required for training - TV set, projectors, etc. 

Note: For latest information please refer relevant Admission Notice and Trade Syllabi available on the website "".

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