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Entrepreneurship Development and Business Services (Entrepreneurial skill):-- 

Objective of the course - The course aims at training candidates who wish to gain skills necessary to set up and maintain a profitable business venture using their own technical skills/or skills of others.  

Trainee Entry level - NCVT Certificate in any trade or Diploma in any field# from recognized Board of Technical Education.

# AICTE(All India Council for Technical Education) approved Diploma

Course Duration - Four months full time course;  

Course Contents :- Enterprise Management : which provides  trainees the skills and knowledge required to run business; and Enterprise launching and resourcing .  

Trainee Exit Level :- On completion of the course, the trainees are expected to be able to  

  • strengthen her entrepreneurial quality/motivation;
  • know pros & cons of being self-employed;
  • acquire an insight in basic management techniques;
  • appreciate social responsibilities/entrepreneurial discipline;
  • analyse environment related to small industry & business;
  • know & influence the sources of support needed for launching enterprise;
  • select & formulate project.

The section is equipped with latest facilities required for training - TV set, projectors, etc

This course is not under NCVT. Certificate would be issued at institute level.

Note: For latest information please refer relevant Admission Notice and Trade Syllabi available on the website "http://dget.nic.in".

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